Welcome to the GlobalBioIm Library Webpage

This is a free Matlab library. It contains generic modules that facilitate the implementation of forward models and optimization algorithms. It also capitalizes on the strong commonalities between the various image-formation models that can be exploited to build a fast, streamlined code.


This page contains the detailed documentation of each function/class of the library. The documentation is generated automatically from comments within M-files.


  • v 1.2 (January 2021). Generate your script through the GUI (read more).

  • v 1.1.2 (April 2019).

  • v 1.1.1 (September 2018).

  • v 1.1 (July 2018). Speed up your codes using the library with GPU (read more).

  • v 1.0.1 (May 2018).

  • v 1.0 milestone (March 2018).

  • v 0.2 (November 2017). New tools, more flexibility, improved composition.

  • v 0.1 (June 2017). First public release of the library.


Inverse Problems, 35-10, 2019.
E. Soubies, F. Soulez, M. T. McCann, T-A. Pham, L. Donati, T. Debarre, D. Sage, and M. Unser.